Though the cannabis market is a rapidly growing industry, there is a lack of real estate financing. ReeFi provides cannabis business owners, as well as real estate sponsors across the nation, with business funding through their real estate equity.

Currently, most banks and insurance funds are precluded from financing cannabis-related real estate, and there are limited debt brokers in the space. ReeFi allows cannabis entrepreneurs and operators to reinvest capital into their rapidly expanding business and extract value from their real estate. We are backed by an institutional fund, providing competitive rates and terms commensurate with the risk.



Cannabis sales per square foot are comparable to that of high-end retail tenants

In 2016, legal cannabis sales totaled $6.7 Billion and by 2030, experts predict it will reach $75 Billion



92% of all states have some form of legalized cannabis*

*ranging from medical marijuana (MMD) to CBD-only to full recreational legalization