Our Clients + Target Partnerships

Debt Partnerships & CoInvestment

Firms seeking co-investment capital/debt partnership structures on sourced loans

Attorneys & Industry Leaders

Lawyers and professionals connecting ReeFi with sponsors & operators

Real Estate Sponsors

Firms purchasing cannabis-related real estate or executing sale-leasebacks with operators

Cannabis Operators

Cannabis companies seeking to leverage the real estate where they grow or sell


Growth Facilities

Offering a variety of growth facilities and greenhouses to our clients.

100K SqFt - 1MM SqFt


Industrial Facilities

Providing a range of processing, warehouse, testing, distribution, and grow facilities.

10K SqFt - 100K SqFt


Retail + Dispensary

Access to standalone shops, chains, strip malls, and more.

3K SqFt - 20K SqFt